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bored too, 2023

acrylic paint, spray paint, posca, and oil pastel on canvas (100x100x0.4cm)



empty inside, 2023

acrylic paint, spray paint, posca, paper, chalk, oil pastel and glue on canvas (76x76x0.4cm)

if i said.jpg


if i said the sky was black you would say it's white pt 2, 2023 

paint and fabric on canvas (71.5x74.5x0.2cm)

i dont like-2.jpg


i love you but i dont like you, 2023 

paint and posca on canvas (79x55.5x0.2cm)

sometimes black-2_edited.jpg


sometimes you just don't know when to shut up black, 2023 

paint and paper on canvas (74x56

sometimes red-2_edited.jpg


sometimes you just dont know when to shut up red, 2023

paint and paper on canvas, chains



it's all my fault, 2023

fabric and paint appliqued on fabric, coat rack, paint and posca

trigger self harm.jpg


it's the only question you should be asking, 2023

(in progress) film, above documentation segment : oranges, blades, arms, green screen

trauma trigger, 2022.jpg


trauma trigger, 2022

linocut on paper



please will you be my friend, 2022

oil paint, paper and posca on wallpaper

66662058070__C86D5BE6-643A-4981-97B9-779A54849723 copy.jpeg


pleasure, 2022

oil paint on wallpaper

fabric pieces smaller-11.tif


if i said the sky was black you would say its white, 2021

11 word art textiles : red typewriter ink on white cotton fabrics

grief & loss smaller-01.tif


grief + loss in the house where i went mad, 2020

performance (test) : icing sugar, food colourings, blue tarp, water, myself



commissioned mural, local restaurant, 2020

large wall painting (working hard shot)

vic body smaller-2.tif


all the things you made me feel, 2019

oil paint and resin on wood



liminality, 2017

3 oil paintings on wood

2018 _ distrabtion 25_edited.png


distrabtion, 2017 - 

12 oil paintings on wood

a sep exhibit-06.tif


a september exhibition, exhibition, 2017

various works from : distrabtion and peregrine

tertium quid.tif


tertium quid exhibition, 2017

site specific installation : heterotopia

misc exhibit-5.tif


BFA show, 2016

installation parcelled shapeless



parcelled shapeless, 2016

site specific installation : aluminium mounted found objects photographed, surroundsound audioscape

misc exhibit-3.tif


6 maybe 9, exhibition 2015

(install left wall) idea development installation for parcelled shapeless : 20 photographs, speaker, audio



B*4 exhibition, 2015

(install central post) installation, anything is a sculpture : 9 vinyl letters, sound piece

trigger sex.jpg


corruption of sex, 2013

stop motion animation (above documentation segment) : barbie dolls

disease tiles-40.jpg


diseased, 2013

installation : 50 mixed media paper tiles hung with fishing wire


tunnel vision, 2012

installation (above documentation segment) : child's play tunnel with appliquéd fabric lettering

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