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'corruption of sex'  stop motion animation : barbie dolls, flag, paper, tiny chair, string, ketchup 2013. 

This conceptual stop motion piece uses barbie dolls to re-enact some of the ways in which sex becomes abusive. A research poll I conducted on the concept of ‘forbidden thoughts’ gave me frequent responses focuses on sex or suicide, this became the basis for the project. I wanted to look at some of the way in which sex leads to suicide, combining the two concepts together.  From there i explored the ways in which we as a society misuse sex. The biblical imagery is used to highlight the forbidden thoughts undertone, as well as the fact that religion is often used to excuse abusive sex acts. 

I think the use of dolls to juxtapose the horrific crimes happening creates a real sense of shock and horror. The audio soundtrack was created using samples that were reworked to create an uncomfortable experience. The scenes contain stories of : the use of corrective rape on lesbians in south africa, a peadophile ring (based on one recently found in portsmouth where i was living), and the use/enforcement of sharia law in the uk. The suicide aspect came in at the end of the film, as it is common in many abused sex cases for the victim to take their own life. 

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