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‘parcelled shapeless’   4 part audio sculpture with aluminium mounted photography,  2016. 


object imagery and publication exerts (below) installation stills (above) shown at BFA graduate show, Liverpool School of Art and Design, UK, June 2016

This installation attempts to take the audience through a journey replicating that our disregarded litter takes through the ocean. Centred around research into the affects of the great pacific garbage patch and my dissertation exploring the potential utility of environmental and ecological art. Born of investigations into post-minimalism and environmental art this work was designed to function as a sound sculpture. Experimental writing became a key component of the studio work and the resultant book combined poetry, typography and photography to round out the audio journey. The site specific installation as a part of my BFA degree show involved the construction of a ‘room’ with speakers providing a four part round audio experience. It was designed to be used with a sound umbrella but this was later adjusted due to budget limitations. I consider this work to be the beginning of an exploratory practise into sound work and materiality

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