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'it is not an invitation'  film : citrus fruit, blades, arms, sound  2023:

this work explores the shitty ignorant questions society loves to ask people with visible self harm. it's interesting to me the way in which people feel entitled to comment, give concern, sometimes pass judgement, blatantly stare at others deeply traumatic personal stuff. The thing is we’re all guilty of it, it’s not wrong i don’t think to want to try to start a conversation with someone about it, but that conversation should really be started by the person with the self harm. Certainly don’t ask questions like “where did you get those” or make statements like “oh those look horrible”. If you must, ask something like 'are you doing okay' nothing more.  this piece was designed to remind people that whilst their questions or statements might seem innocent and caring, for the person they are asking it could be deeply triggering reminding them of an action of self-harm all whilst potentially they are trying to do their job at work. All the questions and statements included in this video have been shared by sufferers of self harm and the self-harm actions featured in this video are reflective of ones i have used myself. This film is not intended to be viewed by minors.

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