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'tunnel vision'  child's play tunnel with appliquéd fabric lettering,  2012. 


documentation film (above) and stills (below

This work began with highly personal statements from the diaries kept during my intense and severe battle with anorexia. It focused on the narrative that fills the head of the sufferer. Exploring the feelings of sanity, safety and stillness through its interactiveness. This work is designed to be fiddled with, twisted, crawled through. The tunnel size is a deliberate choice reflecting both the child-esque stature sufferers of anorexia can return to and the state of child-like reliance. It’s colourfulness to draw you in, like a moth to a flame. A lure, a visual representation of lure of the negative voices that exist inside. I would like to explore the next evolution of tunnelling, I like the idea of using small tight spaces for eating disorders or just playing with space in general. 

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