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2018 _ distrabtion 33
2017 _ distrabtion 44
2018 _ distrabtion 19
2018 _ distrabtion 32

'distrabtion'  12 part oil on wood (8/12 currently completed), 2018. 


6 long (above) and 6 square (below)


WORK STILL IN PROGRESS. This 12 part painting series explores the disturbing reality of not being able to grasp or maintain a fully complete sense of your physical self. Every time you look in the mirror of photographs certain aspects of you will appear distorted depending on your perception, this perception will also be prone to worsening with emotionally intense periods or disturbances. It also looks at the way in which Body Dysmorphic Disorder camouflages you, it covers over your physical form so what you are seeing when you look in the mirror isn’t necessarily your actual form. This leads to becoming obsessive or having intense burning focuses on that parts of the form specifically. Sometimes it can even lead to the sufferer seeking to make alterations to try to correct those perceived changes. It is a heavy and compulsive weight carried around, checking and double checking, only to be presented by a form that seems always wrong.  

This series in intended to be shown together in a mirrored room with focused differently coloured spotlighting, so when you stand infront of the the red paintings you are standing in red, in front of orange you are in orange, blue is blue, but the paintings are lit white. So if you were to look at your skin you would see the colour of the painting. The room is filled with sound, a white noise pitch that you can just hear you think, is something buzzing? it's like after you hang up on the telephone or the static from the tv, you know that electrical buzzing. Its really quite fucking irritating actually. 

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