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'lost', installation; 11 mixed media maps, chair, table, flower and ashtray,  2014. 

(above) installation stills shown at 'lost', Liverpool School of Art and Design, UK 

Centred on the idea of reinventing ways of mapping and measuring connectivity, this projects was focused on the ways in which the church was able to ‘ground’ the local communities into staying in the same area. I was intrigued by the idea of the circle of life that is established around the church and how i could recreate that lifespan. I looked at the data records in the Liverpool record office for the Baptisms, Marriages and deaths. The final images that I made and presented were all ways of mapping the data from the baptisms of the first year of records 1884. Presented in a room reminiscent of our grandparents sitting room it occurs to me perhaps as society evolves away from churches what will community look like and how will we measure it? 

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